Ever increasing legislation and evolving business and personal circumstances can result in efficient tax planning becoming complex.


Structuring your business and tax affairs correctly often results in a significant impact on the tax that you pay, and the timing of its payments. Our aim is to work with you to arrive at a tax strategy that fits with your personal and business objectives, whilst ensuring that you pay no more of your money to HMRC

than legally required.

Our tax consultancy service helps you plan for the future and highlight areas of concern.

Our tax services include:

• Personal & corporate tax compliance

• Landlord and property tax planning

• Estate & Inheritance tax planning

• Capital Gains Tax (‘’CGT’’)

• Trusts

• Non-resident and non-domicile

• Business Restructuring


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Chris Starkey

Incredibly helpful, informative, friendly and quick; I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Michael Smith of 'Michael Stuart Associates'. I would heartily recommend them and will be using Michael for my tax returns in future.


Great and professional service. I was particularly impressed with the speed at which everything was dealt with and the modern approach (pdf letters rather than having to wait for the post). I also appreciated the offers to be called instead of me needing to call and for the provision of several contact numbers when I did want to call. Finally I liked that all relevant potential tax liabilities were explained and I wasn't simply being told what I might have wanted to hear.

Stephanie Atkin

I found Michael Stuart Associates to be extremely helpful. I am new to self-employment and found the process of self-assessment quite daunting, however, I needn't have worried. The advice and support that I have received has made all the difference, I would recommend this company to anybody needing a good and reliable accountant.